Bylaw Review & Voting Period

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We aim to benefit the Mid-Missouri LGBT community by being charitable, organizing events, and working to break down barriers between LGBT sub-groups as well as between the LGBT community and the rest of the population.


Donations and money received by the Column Bears go to benefit not only our members with social gatherings, but also to other organizations that wouldn’t exist without generous donations from ordinary people in our community.


Column Bear events include gatherings such as bowling, dinners, coffeehouse visits, and movies. In addition to these gatherings, we organize larger events periodically to foster community and raise funds for our organization.


The Column Bears are working to build a sense of community in Central Missouri and interface with other Bear groups across the world. We value communication and connections as we strive to break down barriers between groups.

Building The Mid-Missouri Bear Community

One Step At A Time

Opportunities for socializing and beyond…

Volunteer for something worthwhile.
Many of our gatherings are beneficial to not only our members, but also to non-profit organizations that benefit Central Missouri residents.

Feel good about yourself.
Our come-as-you-are atmosphere allows members to be themselves and belong to the larger group.

The group has a wide age range of members.
With membership running the gamut of male adulthood, you’re sure to socialize not only in your age but also inline with your interests.

Our range of activities, locations, and members empowers our vibrant outgoing member base.